Move Your Paper Documents to the Cloud

Move your paper documents to the cloud.
Filling out pieces of paper and storing them in a cabinet or scanning to a digital location? Replace that process with a cloud based application that allows you to insert data and view reports from any PC, laptop, tablet or phone.
FREE One Document Conversion Package ($500 value)
– Free cloud hosting
– Initialization and configuration of your company’s portal
– Training for one lead person at your organization
– Conversion of your first document to the cloud
Example Case
Repair Department
Customers would bring in items to get repaired. The company was using a paper form to fill out customer information. This form would then get passed to technicians to repair the item.
Issues with this process:
  • Mandatory fields were not being filled in
  • Documents would become unreadable from dirt, grease or coffee stains or lost
  • No one knew the status of a repair without finding the technician that was working on the item.
Moving to a cloud based system allowed this company to resolve these issues as well as many other benefits. One of those benefits included custom reports that enabled the repair manager to make more informed decisions quickly, helping the department become more efficient.
This system can complement your company enterprise software where a void needs to be filled.
Let’s get started.

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