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What does your email marketing strategy look like? Do you have an email marketing strategy?

The Sectors has partnered with SendGrid ( for our transactional and marketing emails. We initially only used them for transactional emails integrated in the software applications we developed, but have taken a more in-depth look at their marketing platform. Through tests of different popular email marketing software packages, SendGrid is on par or better, sometimes, for reliability and deliverability. They may not have all the bells and whistles like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, but they offer more flexibility, in my opinion.

So what is your email marketing strategy?

Transactional Email, like tracking emails or order confirmations, receive 8 times as many opens when compared to regular marketing. Are you cross selling your products or services? Since these have a greater chance of being opened, inject advertising about your company in these emails.
(Experian Report)

Are you using automation? The abandoned cart email, acording to statistics, is opened 40% on average. (Stats) If you don’t have this configured, it is a must have for online sellers. If your website does not sell online, we can look into analytics to understand where people are coming and going so that you can optimize the website better.

Do you have a welcome email? A welcome email allows you the opportunity to tell your story. If someone signed up on your website or newsletter list, they still know who you are. Take the time to tell a little about yourself and at the same time ask for more info about them. This will allow you to segment them better and send emails that are more likely to get opened. A drip campaign, an automated series of emails, can be used for this. They signed up, now is the chance for them to get to know your organization. Don’t lose this opportunity. This will go along way in getting future emails opened instead of deleted.

Lastly, use email marketing to build the relationship. It’s cheap and automation can be used to make things easier. If are you only sending emails when you want to sell a product or service, it will most likely not get read or will get deleted. Write emails with good content and keep your current or potential clients in the know about what is going on in your organization. You want them to see your name often, but not too often. Remind them who you are. Watch the stats(opens,clicks…) and act on them.

Check out these statistics from

The Sectors is here to help you build email relationships and turn them into long-term, repeat customers. Partnered with SendGrid allows us the capability to customize and integrate based on your needs.

Contact us. We want to help!

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