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We had a problem, we were moving to a new e-commerce platform and wanted to keep all links already indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Our URL structure was going to change, so we would lose the indexed links unless we could add 301 redirects that would forward to the new URL structured links. Not important if your links are on the 100th result page returned from Google, I guess, but we had links in top 3 searches for certain keywords.

There was not enough money in the budget to hire temps who would look at all 40,000+ URLs and we didn’t want to have to worry about human error, so I decided to write an application that takes two URLs and compares them -> spits out what it things are best comparison.  The program consists of the similar_text function, the levenshtein distance algorithm , that I had to change (a bit), and a bunch of custom code to get the best possible result for each comparison. The application is not perfect, yet, but it has saved a lot of time due to majority of results being correct.

Need help with 301 redirects for many URLs? Submit this form here, URL Comparison and I can see what I can help out with.

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